This is where IT meets Accounting as a single service provider, allowing you a single point of contact.  A unique combination that covers two essential business services, saving you money.

Get your essential business support services at a discounted rate through a combination that fits your unique business needs.

our services

IT services and solutions

managed IT services

With a managed service plan, everything is handled from help desk requests, mobile device setup, non-functioning equipment to server updates.

desktop support

Buying, installing, configuring and support for all your desktop, laptop or tablet needs.

server support

Make the gears turn in your server like never before with installation, configuring and support of all your Windows Servers.


Get connected, in your small home office, regional office or your big national head office with wired and wireless technologies.

cloud services

Get you in the cloud with products such as Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure and much more.

Governance Risk and Compliance

Building systems that allow you to identify and mitigate risk while ensuring compliance.

cyber security

Let's do an information security assessment or cyber-security assessment to see how vulnerable your organisation might be to the outside world.

accounting services and solutions


Keeping your books up to date either daily, weekly, monthly or as needed.


Your weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal payroll taken care of.


We calculate and submit your payroll taxes, Provisional Tax, Company Income Tax, VAT returns and more.

Management accounts

Monthly reports to help you keep track and monitor your business progress.

financial statements

Your business financial information, presented in a professional, structured manner and in a way that is easy to understand.

independent reviews

We perform Independent reviews for qualifying SME's, dependent on certain criteria.

Registrations & secretarial services

We assist you with new business registrations, SARS registrations, annual returns, and CIPC services.

Cloud Accounting & payroll software

Accounting and payroll software that runs in the cloud which gives you access anytime, anywhere with a secured internet connection as well as automatic updates, upgrades and backups.

partnerships & accreditations

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