We founded our company in 2015.  Back then our focus was on providing IT services and solutions to SME’s.  Since then, we have diversified our focus.  We rebranded from Schlebusch Enterprises to Seitfin and included Accounting services to complement our existing IT services.  This gave us the unique opportunity to provide a much more comprehensive solution to the SME market.  Part of this expansion was to provide these additional services as a virtual offering lowering the cost to do business and passing it on to our clients.

We are two passionate hard-working individuals who want to help our clients find the best solutions to help them succeed in their businesses.  We provide IT and Accounting services and solutions that are fit for purpose and great value for money, being the best optimal solution that fits in the gap between the current systems and what your business requirements are.  We firstly analyse the current state of your business and then determine the real requirements or needs.  This helps identify the gap that needs to be closed by a simple, yet effective and valuable solution that is easy to use and improves your business.

Customer Reviews

Mynique Ideas

"Professional, very competent and great turnaround time!"

Sanet Claasen Wyk

"wonderful service by knowledgeable expert"

Cynthia Obeng-Mireku

"Professionalism, proactive in addressing issues and challenges and reliable"

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